About AI Imaging

AI imaging is the creation or generation of images (photorealistic images, drawings, graphics, etc.) with the help of artificial intelligence. This is done by entering text (the so-called „Promt“), which tells the AI which motif you want to create.

The prerequisite for this is access to an AI, learning various parameters and the gift of „visual thinking“ – after all, you have to tell the AI exactly how you imagine the motif. Nevertheless, you have no exact influence on the results. The creation is (simply explained) random. Each picture looks more or less different.
(By the way: The old man isn’t real! He’s an AI image, which has also been creatively edited.)

Is AI Imaging art and should we be afraid?

Well – what is art? Does art have to be created by humans only or is art (creativity) also to imagine motifs in your mind, to describe them as accurately as possible, to acquire technical skills so that the pictures then attract attention or feelings? Defining this will be the next challenge for our society!

AI is a fantastic tool – it’s up to us how we use it. But one thing is certain: AI will change a lot of things and we won’t be able to prevent it either. Even the coachmen of the 19th century were not happy when the automobile was invented.

I’m an educated photographer and believe me, AI is going to affect us in an extreme way. But you have to look forward and use the new inventions.

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